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Individual and Private Choice

I am sure you have heard it said: “What people do in the privacy of their own home as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone doesn’t matter”. But we see how INDIVIDUAL and PRIVATE CHOICE have gotten us in the mess we are in. What we do as INDIVIDUALS does indeed affect the entire nation. 

Back in the late 80’s I made the following predictions (not prophecy, just common sense predictions).

  1. When baby boomers begin to approach retirement age and begin to pull money out of the stock market, the stock market will not see growth, but stagnation. I predicted this would begin in 2007. (Here we see private choice affects the entire financial market)
  2.  I also predicted that as the boomers seek retirement that they will want to “down size” the size of their homes. (Right now, most communities have minimum size requirements in order to keep property values up) The result I predicted would be sellers and no buyers, as a result property values would go down anyway. Here we see private choice about even the size of our homes we buy affects everyone.
  3. I predicted that Social security and health care would see major financial problems because of two things: A) ageing populations and B) abortion. Both S.S. and health care rely on younger people. It is a fact that health care cost for young people are less than for those over 50. Here we see how a private individual decisions, like an abortion has affected every American.

We have also seen how INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE spending habits (aka: Covetousness) has affected the entire nations credit industry.


Abortion has killed 50 million Americans at about 1.5 million a year. There would be about 40 million YOUNG people PAYING into the Social Security and health care system if they were alive. Taking a LOW END income of just $20,000 a year and a Social Security rate of 7.5% plus the deceptive hidden FICA tax  = 15% or $3,000 a year times 40 million. That equals $1,200,000,000,000 every year added to the *Social Security system if we had not had individual and private choices to have an abortion! (*Includes other programs besides retirement benefits)


If these young healthy 40 million Americans had low cost health care, real low cost, say $150 a month? – That would be  $600,000,000 EVERY MONTH added to the health care system.

If there had not of been 50 million private individual choices for abortion, we would NOT have a heath care or S.S. problem.


Instead of putting a band-aid on the health care mess we need to get to the root of this financial problem: life imprisonment for any “doctor” who kills, for the sake of our nations future.


It is interesting to note in the Bile that if a nation did not “tithe” that God required 20 %. Up to NOW our national debt has been…you guessed it at 20% of our budget!

Also 20% of homeowners are behind on their house payments.

Add 18 million illegal aliens to these numbers and we have compounded the problems our private and individual choice has had on this nation.

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Final Rwanda 2009 Report

The second day of the spiritual warfare conference was
accomplished without notes, as the Holy Spirit took over and lead the
entire morning activities. Unusual” describes
the day in a word. On this second day of the spiritual warfare conference
I sensed in the spirit that many pastor’s were discouraged. I did not know
how to proceed but felt the Holy Spirit wanted to address this situation
of discouragement. I told the Pastor’s  that I sensed that many were
discouraged, but that I did not know how the Holy Spirit wanted me to
respond. I suggested we stop and pray before we began the conference.
Within moments the Holy Spirit responded by giving me this  powerful
IMMEDIATELY the Holy Spirit feel and touched the Pastor’s. One by
one they hit the floor on their knees crying. This powerful out powering
continued for several minutes. Finally it turned into a victory
celebration, the Pastor’s were encouraged and uplifted!
There was prophetic direction, prayer for
certain ones that the Holy Spirit called out, spiritual warfare, and a
victory celebration. A guest Pastor excited by what he was experiencing
telephoned his friends back in his home country of Tanzania to tell them
what he saw and experienced in The spiritual realm.

The Christian influence on the
culture in Rwanda is seen in many ways. It is what affected me the most.
In Rwanda I saw no body standing on corners selling drugs. I saw no strip
joints or pornography (It’s illegal). Instead I heard Christian music on
the public bus, in public restaurants and other places of business. A
pavilion downtown was filled with business men and woman worshiping God in
the Spirit during their lunch hour. I witnessed several young boys in
their teens listening to Praise and worship music carrying their Bibles in
As I lay my head down to sleep at night I could hear
throughout the night as men arose from their sleep to pray and worship God
before heading out to work. Being Christian was “in”. Their was
true conviction on the hearts of the unsaved.
It changed how I will
pray for revival in America. I have seen what is possible when the Holy
Spirit touches hearts.

Translator: “This may be your only chance”…many come
forward to accept Christ.
I gave the
invitation to come forward and accept Christ at the crusade. I could sense
some did not know Christ. None came forward. I could feel the Holy Spirit
rise up in my translator and he spoke one sentence. Suddenly Many stood up
and came forward. I leaned over and asked him what he had said. “This
may be your only chance” he said.
It was a joy to lead these
people to Christ, to God be glory, honor and praise!

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Second Update: “Rwanda 2009”

AIRLINE: “SORRY WE CANNOT HELP YOU…GO HOME.” Enemy Exposed ministry had purchased the flight to Rwanda on two separate tickets as it was less expensive doing it that way. In the long run it was a bigger problem. The flight on the FIRST ticket was delayed by several hours and I missed my flight on the SECOND ticket. The airline and my travel agent felt that as it was not their fault that I was not there for the flight on the SECOND ticket that my ticket was forfeited (canceled). I was told tat for an additional $900 that in five days they had a flight to get me out of JFK airport. I was told that if I should “just go home”. I got word to my contacts in Rwanda and they called for all night prayer. I sought someone, another believer in the JFK airport to pray with. I found one within minutes. An anointed man of God. I told him I needed my faith increased and prayer support, that I needed God to do a miracle and open a door for me to get to Rwanda.? He held my left hand and prayed for a miracle. At that EXACT moment, the Pastor in Rwanda telephoned and when I answered the phone with my right hand?all I heard was him praying in the Spirit with others. Finally staff for the airlines arrived at JFK. The Holy Spirit prompted me NOT to explain anything, but to simply hand the man my canceled ticket receipt. Without explanation he booked me on business class! I arrived in Rwanda one day latter than scheduled on a canceled ticket and came back on a canceled ticket!

TESTIMONY: “I WAS SICK, TODAY I AM HEALED!”? After praying for the sick, if they said they were healed, I asked if they could come back the NEXT day to give testimony. I felt this added more credibility than to simply declare they were healed the same moment I prayed for them. I remember one young man that I had prayed for his lung area. He testified that he was sick and asked for prayer and today the sickness was gone. I remember when I prayed for him I felt the power of God leave me and go into the sides of his chest. Praise God! Another Woman gave testimony of after several weeks of unrest in her family life and even marriage that God had given her peace in the situation. God reigns!

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First Rwanda Report

Kigali, RwandaGreetings Friends, and Prayer partners:
I have returned from Rwanda Africa. Over the next several days I would
like to send you some powerful testimonies and reports from this venture.
The “Rwanda” section on the Enemy Exposed Ministry web page will be
updated. Over the next several days and weeks I will be adding photo’s
video, and sound even some preaching from this powerful life changing
trip. I will let you know when the web page is updated.

It is more exciting to prophecy to people that one does not know and so it
was when one night at the crusade the Holy Spirit prompted me to approach
one young woman. The Lord used me to tell her that her problem that she
was facing right this moment, that He was aware of and He would change the
situation around for her. Some hours after the crusade was over and people
had gone home my translator came and told me that after I gave that word
to that woman he went to her to ask her about the problem that she was
facing. That very night she had become homeless and had even lost her
employment and place to live. God moved on her behalf and opened new doors
for her even that very week that I was there.

During the SPIRITUAL WARFARE SEMINAR I sensed that many Pastors were very
discouraged. Even though I sensed this I had no direction from the Holy
as to how to minister to that need. I expressed to the Pastors this
and told them: “I do not know what to do”, but I knew that God wanted to
do something. We began to pray and the Holy Spirit gave me a word for the
soon as the translation was given, the Holy Spirit fell in a mighty way
and as Pastors were touched by the Lord one-by-one they began to weep.
Over the next several minutes the Holy Spirit Himself ministered to those
Pastors. It ended with much rejoicing, praising God and dancing for joy
giving God praise for the encouragement they had received in their spirit.

More positive and encouraging updates to follow over the next several
days. Your prayers and even financial support made these testimonies
In Christ’s service:

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Rwanda, Africa

rwandaflagFrom July first to July 13th I will be ministering in Rwanda, Africa. There will a Pastors spiritual warfare conference and a crusade.

Sometimes prophets do “strange things”, I think of some of the unusual things God asked the prophet Ezekiel to do when he prophesied. God has given me some direction for this assignment and I am believing that a prophetic release of JOY will be released.

I hope to document the highlights of this trip, which is the FIRST of its kind for myself and my ministry. Watch for exciting updates and testimonies of what God did there when I return.

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Concerned Person Letter -May 5, 2009

Are you or a loved one ready for change? Are you prepared to make some serious behavior choices in your life, behavior choices that will prepare you for battle? Are you ready to start going a different direction than the direction your life has been heading? Today you can begin again.

Most Christians are not prepared for a spiritual onslaught, yet all Christians are in a spiritual war. They seem to know that but do not seem to ever prepare for battle. You are a soldier that is under attack. You are in a battle whether you like it or not. The enemy has you targeted. He is out to sift you like wheat, to totally destroy you, to take you down. He creates disease, sickness, mental disorders, accidents, destroys your dreams and ambitions – whatever he can throw at you. He attacks you personally (your borders) and by attacking other people that affect you (territories). One might think the church of Jesus Christ being fully aware that it is under attack would be counter attacking to destroy the works of the enemy. Instead they pray that God will do something and help us and free us and give us some relief. It seems they do not grasp that THEY have been given the authority and power to destroy the works of the enemy. It is like God is saying every time we cry out: “YOU got the key!”

Most support or recovery groups focus on the problem – ie: what the demons are doing inside you! I mean they discuss the personality traits and the defenses people in bondage use. Perhaps they figure if we can figure out the demons personality traits we can fix it – wait a minute, that’s not right, they do not even know that they are studying the enemy – they think they are studying you! What a powerless mess the church has accepted.

Begin to change your thinking from focusing on your problem (what the demons are doing) to begin thinking how a “special elite forces” Christian would think. Begin to change your thinking from: “How can I muster up enough strength to keep on struggling with this” to “how can I capture, and remove the enemy and take back my life and everything he has stolen from me in the process”.

Welcome to the Christian life. The Bible tells us that in this life you will have troubles. You need to be equipped for a real battle. We are talking about battle preparedness. We want you to start using military terms. Think offensively. The armor of God contains no defensive weapons! We are NOT talking about people as our enemies. We are talking about spiritual wickedness. Ask the Lord to give you a warriors mind. Does that sound weird to you? If so you are not alone. The church has lost its destructive power. Yes, destructive power to destroy the power of darkness. In the meanwhile its members suffer with all the sickness, mental problems and bondage the world does.

Where is the “victory in Jesus”? You can discover it.:

  1.  Enlistment – make sure you have actually enlisted in God’s army. This way we are protected by and backed up by all of His resources for battle. In the days ahead though these emails we will also examine our heart and attitudes to make sure we have what our “General” the Lord Jesus Christ is looking for in an enlisted soldier in God’s army.
  2. Building Weapons – before we attack we want to make sure we have mighty and powerful spiritual weapons to use and know how to use them. What good is showing up for a battle with no weapons?
  3. Mental and Emotional fitness – The mind is the battle – ground. Memorizing scripture does NOT remove the enemy, but you will learn how to use scripture as an effective sword to use against the enemy. Just memorizing scripture is “a form of godliness” but using scripture as a weapon is the power of God in action! The mind and our emotions is what the enemy uses to bring defeat into our lives. How can we fight spiritual forces when we are emotionally drained and damaged?
  4. Removal of the Enemy – This is the pre-attack stage! We will look at our plan of attack and make sure things are battle ready. We will ask: “Is there any thing the enemy can use against us as a weapon,” “Are our weapons in operation,” “Do we trust our allies,” “Do we have proper back-up,” and “Do we understand our military rank, power available to us and our authority to act”.
  5. Protecting Your Borders – This is protection from a spiritual counter attack. Counter intelligent information that you can use to expose the enemy and his tactics of operation. This is your personal “Department of Homeland Security”. You will build and develop a “spiritual firewall” around you.

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“Nature Studies” Confirm Our Predictions

brain“Nature studies” show that there is biological involvement with homosexual orientation. These studies do not confirm the cause of homosexual orientation is biological, but do show biological involvement. This makes many conservative Christian’s nervous. It shouldn’t, here’s why.

Demons overlay the brain and also create sexual stimulation in the genital area to create homosexual orientationAs demons are involved in the biological and can create biological differances one of the predictions of the “Clinton Clark Theory Of The Causation Of Homosexual Orientation”  is that we should expect to see these difference between individuals without demons that create homosexual orientation and those that do.

An example of demons creating biological differences is cancer. Cancer is caused by and created by demons. Remove the demons that cause it and the sickness is cured. Other observable differences is tightness of the skin seen in the face, because of the pressure from behind the skin caused by the demons. Once the four cluster areas of demons that create homosexual orientation are removed, the orientation is gone. Physical changes in the face and in manerisims are often seen immediately.

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Defining Homosexual Orientation’s Cause

The argument between the Church and the “world” is if homosexual orientation (and other sexual identity disorders) are caused by nature (biological) or nurture (how one was raised). This limited question should be a “red flag” to anyone that has discernment. Whenever, even your own choices are seemingly limited or restricted to two, be alert as this is a common tactic of our spiritual enemy.

The cause of homosexual orientation has been discovered. It is not mentioned in the press, even though we have sent out hundreds of press releases, as it has been censored out, not meeting the reporters criteria of “political correctness”. The cause of homosexual orientation has been discovered.  Homosexual orientation is caused by unclean spirits, period. We have shown a clear and direct correlation between the targeted demons and the orientation with the results showing the absence of the targeted criteria for homosexual orientation as defined in measurable terms.

Up to four “clusters” of evil spirits make up the orientation. Same as with adult sexual attraction to children. Not all individuals will have all four clusters. Some have said: “Either your gay or your not”. Those who say this do not understand how the orientation is created.

When we do a “baseline” documentation with those that struggle we find that up to four areas make up the orientation, plus a fifth area that does not create the orientation but helps conceal its true cause. The four areas are: Interpretive Response ( a change in how the same gender looks),  Fantasy Response (verbal or visual sexual fantasy without a stimulus present), Romantic Response (romantic desires and feelings towards the same gender, or towards small children for the pedophile) and finally Physiological response.

Again a individual does not have to have all four of these areas! They could have only one of the four!

We have confirmed these “cluster areas” are there through demonic deliverance and through objective documentation. These “cluster areas” we have confirmed can be removed. The real proof is the absence of these four areas once the demons are removed.

To duplicate this process and test the theory a *qualified deliverance ministry is required. A qualified deliverance minister, as defined in our testable theory is: “One who is capable to locate, and remove all demon’s in a targeted cluster”. Objective documentation is necessary because there are too many inaccuracies that result with subjective documentation.

Once these areas are removed, homosexual orientation is gone! Immediately, yes immediately the person feels like the are a different person. In reality they are not, they finally don’t have interference with their own God given spirit man. They are finally free, set free into the liberty God has called them into.

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Can a Christian Have a Demon?

This issue won’t be resolved in a few paragraphs, however, many Christians believe that they can’t have a demon because “The Holy Spirit and Demons cannot occupy the same space”. This belief is not specifically stated in scripture, but the Bible does confirm that the body of the Christian (one who has accepted Christ as their Saviour) is the temple or dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6: 19 -“…your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you…”.

The Bible also teaches that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent. The Bible also teaches that their are demons. If demons are, and the Holy Spirit is Omnipresent, then obviously demons can indeed be in the same area of space that the Holy Spirit is in. If the Holy Spirit is Omnipresent and demons cannot occupy the same space as the Holy Spirit, then their cannot be any demons.

Let us take a closer look at 1 Corinthians 6. This scripture is a warning to Christians. It warns against immorality, it is a warning to Christians, the very same Christians in whom dwells the Holy Spirit not to engage in sexual intercourse with a harlot. 

To do so would grieve the Holy Spirit. To do so opens the door for demons to enter the temple of the Holy Spirit.  In verses 9-11 the Holy Spirit is speaking through Paul to former fornicators, former idol worshippers, for transsexuals, former homosexuals, former thieves, covetous, drunkards, revilers and swindlers. These are some of the things that opens the door that brings demons into the bodies of the Christian.

Thank God we have a deliverer. Jesus STILL sets the captives free. The blood of Jesus has not lost its power.

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Why The Orientation Can Remain Even After A Deliverance

Deliverance done properly

Deliverance done properly

In the Christian community it is widely accepted that a person who struggles with homosexuality can go for demonic deliverance and have a “spirit of homosexuality” cast out and still struggle with the orientation. The accepted conclusion is “that is because homosexual orientation is not caused by demons”.

The fact that a “spirit of homosexuality” was cast out and a that person still struggles with same-sex attraction tells nothing about the cause of the orientation. In fact a unclean spirit was indeed there to be cast out, yet the “cause” was still not removed. This is because most deliverance ministers don’t understand what homosexual orientation is and how it is created. Homosexual orientation is NOT “a spirit of homosexuality”.

Clinton Clark and Enemy Exposed Ministry have developed a complete workable theory of homosexual deliverance that is repeatable and easily duplicated. The theory shows a clear correlation between the demonic and homosexual orientation. Over and over again it shows that homosexual orientation is indeed caused by demons, not nature or nurture.

Because demons effect the natural, for example they create a physical disease, then it would stand to reason that biological difference should be observed between individuals that are being controlled by demons that create homosexual orientation and those that are not. Any “Nature” studies should not alarm or frighten the Christian community, as these studies do not show a biological cause, only biological involvement, which is exactly what our theory predicts.

But the real proof is the absence of target areas of the orientation once the demons are removed. Our findings confirm that up to four “clusters” of demons create the orientation, plus a fifth area or cluster that creates deception.

Enemy Exposed Ministry has a deliverance process that is complete and results in the complete removal of the orientation.

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